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96 Street is an original opening day on the IRT station with two fairly narrow island platforms for the four-track line and an unusual design for the station exits. The original exit is at what is now towards the northern end of the platforms, two staircases lead down from each platform to a narrow underpass that leads up to what were originally two different side platforms along each of the local tracks. On these short side, exit platforms there are two separate banks of turnstiles and token booths with single street stairs from each to the SE and SW corners of 96th Street and Broadway. The side platforms have their original name tablets and terra-cotta wall sculptures. The station was extended south to become ten cars and a new exit was created at the platforms southern ends. This consists of a single staircase up from the very southern end of the platforms to a small mezzanine area where there are turnstiles and two sets of two street stairs to eitherside of Broadway mid block between 94th and 93rd Street. This platform extension rendered the station at 91 Street obsolete, which is now abandoned, it closed in February 1959. The southern end of the station has 1950s era small 96 lettering along the platform walls and text for trains direction in that format.

April 5, 2010: Major reconstruction of the station is almost finished, today the main feature opened, a large headhouse, taking up almost the entire median (and the entire median including the entryways) opened. This headhouse drastically simplifies movement into the station. It has entry doors at either end inside from the sidewalks of 96 and 95 Street. These both lead to separate banks of turnstiles at either end of the headhouse, with the full time token booth at the 96 Street ends. To access the platforms from either entrance are an elevator down to each (making the station ADA compliant) and staircases. The side platforms are being turned into crew quarters with the historic terra-cotta reliefs being moved to the outside of these new rooms facing the platforms. The rest of the platforms have been retiled in an attempted replica format, that does not look authentic at all, this includes the walls of the small southern mezzanine entrance between 94th and 95th Streets.

Art For Transit at 96 Street

Arts For Transit at 96 Street

Bloemendaal, Stainless Steel
By Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger: Atenna Design New York

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One of the 94 St station entrances, in one of my first photos
28 March, 2003
Looking across 96 St at the one of the now closed side platform entrances
21 December, 2003
The Low-Vs stop at 96 St on a fan trip
21 November, 2004
The two staircases down to the exits at 96 Street
24 June, 2008
One side platform exit to 96 Street is either permanently closed or under construction to soon be (it was less than two years after this photo was taken) closed
24 June, 2008
A temporary sign about only one exit at the 96 Street end of the station, during the AM rush it attempts to make it entry only
24 June, 2008
The two staircases to the Uptown platform and the one crowded one to the only open exit at this end of the station
24 June, 2008
A passenger swipes into the station from the side platform fare control areas
24 June, 2008
The token booth and staircase to the street on one of the side platforms
24 June, 2008
The rest of this side platform is occupied by a tower, it has 1950s era tiling on its side
22 July, 2009
The headhouse in the median of Broadway starting to take shape
22 July, 2009
Cars speed past the under construction head house
22 July, 2009
Old 1950s text for the downtown platform (which has been removed) on 94th Street's mezzanine
22 July, 2009
The Downtown trains tiling and staircase down to that platform
22 July, 2009
The passageway and staircase from the 94 Street entrance down to the uptown platform
22 July, 2009
1950s era text (now covered over) that directs passengers to the west side of Broadway
22 July, 2009
The passageway to the SW corner of 94 Street & Broadway (its really more mid-block)
22 July, 2009
Looking up a staircase to 94 Street & Broadway
22 July, 2009
The headhouse continues to take shape
22 July, 2009
Another view of the steel framing for the headhouse, the steel forms of the station elevators continue to take shape
22 July, 2009
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