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103 Street is an IRT opening day side platform for the 3 track line, although the express tracks that will soon curve east to run off to Lenox (6th) Avenue, are still situated beneath Broadway deep beneath the station (they start curving at about 104 Street). The original portion has tall ceilings (except where the mezzanine is), and a brown relief trimline (with green mosaic beneath) with complex 103s in white on a blue background within it. Their name tablets are white text on green with a grey boarder. For exits the main one consists of two staircases (to opposite directions) up from each platform that leads to a mezzanine nestled into the high platform ceiling. This leads to two different turnstiles banks along the same fenced area with the token booth between them. There is a small portion of the mezzanine outside of fare control where two sets of two streetstairs each lead to both sides of Broadway and the northside of 103 Street. The uptown platform only also has 2 High Exit Turnstiles only that lead from directly on the platform to a long staircase up to a streetstair to the SE corner of 104 Street. The stop's last renovations were in 2003-2004 in time for the centennial.

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The station under its renovations
16 November, 2003
Looking across the middle track at 103 St
14 October, 2005
The far southern end of the uptown platform
26 June, 2008
Little 103 signs on the I-beams between the tracks
26 June, 2008
103 tiling on a platform column
26 June, 2008
Looking down at a wide portion of the platform just beyond a staircase of the mezzanine
26 June, 2008
A 103 terra-cotta relief in the trim line
26 June, 2008
The High Exit Only Turnstiles out to 104 Street, with a main mezzanine staircase way in the background
26 June, 2008
A name tablet with 103rd St exit directional text beneath it although it is pointing directly at the exit to 104 St
27 December, 2008
A 103rd St name tablet
27 December, 2008
High turnstiles to 104 St
27 December, 2008
Passengers exit an arriving rush hour train, sings for exits at both 104th St and 103rd St
3 June, 2011
The bottom landing of the 104 St exit
3 June, 2011
Looking up the long staircase from 104 St to the street
3 June, 2011
The No Entry sign on top of the staircase
3 June, 2011
Two of the four entrance staircases to 103 St
3 June, 2011
The small mezzanine area before fare control, no room for the token booth here
3 June, 2011
The token booth between two banks of turnstiles
3 June, 2011
Two staircases to the Uptown & Bronx platform
3 June, 2011
Looking back towards the turnstiles
3 June, 2011
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