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Hunters Point Avenue is the last stop on the 7 Line that is underground and trains come out of the Steinway Tubes directly at the eastern end of the station with the tunnel portal directly at the end of the two side platforms for the two track line. Leaving the station and curving onto their elevated structure the subway goes through LIRR tracks including passing the Hunterspoint Avenue (on the LIRR it's one word, the subway two words) LIRR station that is open for weekday peak direction rush hour service only and just a short walk from the subway station. The subway station opened on and was renovated in 2012 with a new level platform with tactile warning strips added and the tiling on the platform walls (many were missing) completely restored, art was also added, a single mosaic mural on the Manhattan-bound platform. The renovation did a decent job but the replica tiles are definitely a bit noticeable. This is particularly true with the brown and white text Hps on the tiled columns that line both platforms. The original ones look nicely weathered the replica's look too prefect. The platforms overall tile scheme is a dual-contracts era brown trimline with accents of green. H.P.s are along it at regular intervals. Brown with white text name tablets say Hunters Pt. Ave at regular intervals.

The station has a single exit towards the Flushing-bound end of the station, (three cars from the end of the platforms). Here there are three street stairs two in a row, one slightly farther down the block, along the northside of 49 Street (Hunters Point Avenue) as the street is called in Queen's grid system. This is as the street becomes an overpass and has the entrances to the Hunterspoint Avenue LIRR Station. The entrances are just west of 21 Street. The stairs go down (the two close together in small passageway) to a long and narrow entrance area with a token booth that is located above the Manhattan-bound platform, there are two sets of turnstiles and a set of high exit turnstiles between the two staircases that cut behind and into the space of the fare control area that lead down to small intermediate landings before one splits into two staircases, and the other continues down as a single one curving 90s to arrive parallel to the subway tracks. To reach the Flushing-bound platform is a single overpass like passageway from the main mezzanine (between U-Turn signs to turn backwards for Manhattan) that goes down a staircase to an intermediate landing with a restored mosaic for "To: Astoria/Corona" left over from the joint operations of the elevateds beyond Queensboro Plaza. It then splits into two and down to the Flushing-bound platform.

Art For Transit at Hunters PointAvenue

Arts For Transit at Hunters Point Avenue

Hunters Point Avenue Project, 2012,
Glass Mosaic
By Tricia Keightley

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A name tablet and HP trimline
11 March, 2004
One of the entrances is closed
14 August, 2008
The two open entrances
14 August, 2008
The columns have trimlines
14 August, 2008
An H.P. at the end of a trimline
14 August, 2008
A column HP
14 August, 2008
A column HP on the station extension
14 August, 2008
The entrance to the Manhattan-bound platform as a train arrives
14 August, 2008
A name tablet
14 August, 2008
A Flushing-bound train prepares to leave and enter the outside elevated world for most of the rest of its run to Flushing
15 June, 2011
The main bank of turnstiles, LIRR PM Rush Hours only (otherwise stay on the 7 to Woodside)
15 June, 2011
The staircase up to a lower landing and two main streetstairs to leave the station
15 June, 2011
The freshly retiled walls
25 May, 2013
Column tiling on the platform extension
25 May, 2013
The narrow area by the exit from the Flushing-bound platform
25 May, 2013
A name tablet and sign for the staircase next to it
25 May, 2013
The one bank of station turnstiles
25 May, 2013
H.P. in the trimline
25 May, 2013
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