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Hunterspoint Avenue is one of the strangest LIRR stations. It has service rush hours peak direction (normal service is 10 in the AM, and 9 in the PM) almost entirely from diesels although the stop is electrified and there is one PM Ronkonkoma Line trip that uses EMUs from the station, left over from the days when it was diesel until electrified in 1987. The stop receives most of its ridership on Summer Friday afternoons when 3 additional trains run from the station to Montauk including the Cannonball which has two cars for Hamptons Reserve Service (the remnants of former parlor car service), this is the only time the station ticket office is open consisting of a small wooden shack on the platform. A more frequent amenity for PM passengers is a beer stand, staffed in the open air so commuters can buy a drink for the ride home.

The actual station consists of a single island platform with a green translucent canopy for most of its length and a few enclosed battered sheltered areas along it for waiting passengers. Access is from two staircases, one on each side of 49th Avenue's overpass of the station that lead down to this platform, street stairs to the 7 train at Hunterspoint Avenue are just a short way down these sidewalks.

Summer 2013 Update: The Cannonball for the first time in its history is now departing from Penn Station, keeping the reserved service using dual-mode locomotives and no longer serving Hunterspoint Avenue.

Photos 1-12 taken on 15 June, 2011, 13-15 on 14 July, 2013

Hunterspoint Aveune platform entrance
Looking down one of the staircases at Hunterspoint Avenue with an old sign for service from the two tracks
Looking at a section of the platform at Hunterspoint Avenue.
The beer stand on the open platform at Hunterspoint Av
The western end of the Hunterspoint Avenue platform
The western staircase down to the Hunterspoint Avenue platform
An ice cream truck outside the station
A train of M7s runs through Hunterspoint Avenue, it will layup in the LIC yard before becoming the PM Peak Ronkonkoma Line trip from the station
Another view of M7s running through Hunterspoint
M7 #7434 continues south of Hunterspoint Avenue towards Long Island City
M7 #7434
Looking out the open window of a 7 train rising onto the elevated at the Hunterspoint Avenue Station
The wooden staircase at the back of the platform
Home<New York Area<Long Island Railroad<Hunterspoint Avenue
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