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Clark/Division when I visited back in 2011 was an unrenovated Red Line State Street Subway Station with a single island platform with cream colored columns along the edges. It has an arched ceiling with separate arches over both of the tracks. There are a few fully red signs along the platform walls. The island platform itself has its original red illuminated signs that say Clark from when it opened in 1943. To leave the platform there is an up escalator and a single staircase up to a mezzanine level. The cinderblock-looking grey tiles on the platform along these two separate egress points have original Clark & Division lettering written in red along them. These lead up to a mezzanine that has a central fare control area with the turnstiles angled towards the NE and NW corner streetstairs, the top of the escalator in between and a high exit turnstile angled towards the SE and SW corner streetstairs. These 4 streetstairs have red painted railings and there is one at each corner of Clark & Division Streets. The mezzanine has a tile scheme of marble looking walls for the central area of the mezzanine, and tiny tiles of a similar color along the staircases and escalator. There is original black lettering along the walls that include the respective corners of the exits, one along the staircase says To Trains, and finally one for Public Telephones directly after the turnstiles and a closed newsstand within fare control. The mezzanine also has an original cashiers booth with a marble base.
Renovation Update and 2nd Fare Control Area: The station was renovated and rebuilt from 2012 to 2015. The platform got the Skyline interior that has been used at the other renovated Red Line State Street Subway Stations. Above the main platform is now a white tiled arch with small C’s written in red tile, there are also Yellow and a few Green tiles. This major renovation projected also built a new accessible fare control area at the western (Howard-bound end) of the platform. This new fare control area has a staircase and elevator up to turnstiles that lead to an escalator/staircase up to the NE corner and a staircase and elevator up to the NW Corner of Division St and LaSalle St. The main fare control area was also modernized. All entrances, both old and new, now have modern black portals with frosted glass walls and roofs.
Photos 1-21 taken on 25 October, 2011; 22-24 taken on July 1, 2018

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An original illuminated red platform sign
The original illuminated platform signs are above ads for iPads
Looking down the island platform, one of the light fixtures is open, showing its incandescent bulb
The platform wall with a Don't Lean Over Edge of Platform sign
A red platform sign
The escalator up to the exit is closed
Original Clark and Division lettering on the walls that surround the escalator landing
The awkward middle area between the escalator and staircase
A Man is fixing the escalator, this enclosure has a Sorry, escalator out of service sign
The original text along the top of the mezzanine for the SE. and SW. corners
Top of a red streetstair
There is one streetstair at each corner
Approaching the turnstiles with there original cashiers booth
Black lettering for the NW. and NE. corners
The Public Telephones
A black mosaic To Trains
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