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North/Clybourn is the most northern stop in the State Street Subway, after it red line trains emerge in the middle of the North Side Main Line between the local tracks used by the Brown and Purple Lines . It is the only Chicago Subway Station where fare control is located in a headhouse at street level. The stop was also renovated in 2010, particularly the station house, as part of an agreement with Apple which opened a store on the same triangular block as the station's head house with a pedestrian plaza in between. Illuminated Apple ads are along the staircases down and on the platforms. The one entrance is specifically at the SW triangle formed by Clyborn (a diagonal street) and North Avenues at the six-way intersection with Dayton Street. The station house has brick walls interupted by windows with little silver light fixtures between them. The building is in the shape of a pie slice, with a triangle formed at the intersection. Half the building is occupied by concession (with its own door directly at the corner).

The station entrance is on the curved portion opposite the intersection in the plaza across from the apple store. Here there are three sets of silver doors that immediately reach the turnstiles. Above the main entrance is an overhanging canopy with silver letters spelling out North/Clybourn

To reach the platforms there is one short staircase that leads down to an intermediate mezzanine. From here there is directly ahead the one longer staircase down to the southbound platform and a short passageway over to a single staircase down to a combined up escalator/staircase to the northbound platform. These arrive on the platforms towards their southern ends. The walls of these passageways have tiny tourquoise colored tiles and black tiles written in them give directional information spelling out: To Trains, Northbound, Southbound, and also a sign for a previous and closed exit to Dayton Street that has only been partially blocked out.

Reaching each platform each is in its own tube with a curved ceiling, the tubes are parallel to each other and their little crossover holes that provide a view to the opposite side. There is a line of pillars along the platform edge that separates the arches formed by the platforms and the separate arches over the tracks. The platform walls have grey tiles with a blue trimline above them. Most of the original engraved in blue North & Clybourn tiled signs have been covered up by modern grey signs, one is still visible There is a line of florescent lights in vintage fixtures in the platform roof, and even a vintage Exit sign before the staircases up to the exits. The platform has received a tactile warning strip.
All photos taken on 4 August, 2011

Approaching the station
Silver letters above the entrance doors into the station
The turnstiles visible beyond the doors into the station
Two supplimental signs pertude along the street near the station
The staircase has an apple ad above black To Trains lettering
Arriving at the split to the staircases down to the Northbound or Southbound platform
Black lettering for Northbound or Southbound
The up escalator/staircase down to the Northbound platform
Arriving on the northbound platform, more iPad ads
Old vintage sign for the exit from the northbound platform
Blue North & Clybourn lettering on the station walls, the signs that used to cover them have been removed
A modern platform sign
Looking through one of the openings between the tracks to the southbound platform
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