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Chicago is one of the stations that serves Michigan Magnificent Mile and this is written in the red squares on each side of the modern, grey station name signs. Each platform also has a single purple sign for Loyola University Chicago that the station also serves. The stop has two side platforms each in their own separate tube that I believe are at the same elevation but there are no openings in the platform walls to let passengers look through and into the opposite platform. The tubes have the double arched design with one arch over the platform and one over the track with a line of white columns along the edge of the white tactile warning strip platform. The station was renovated in 1999-2001. All walls in the station (platforms and the mezzanine) are now tiled in a light blue above and a slightly darker blue below forming the silhouette of the Chicago skyline that is found at many of the downtown subway stations. Black Chicago text is on this at various intervals. The curved ceilings of the platforms are covered in White Mosaic tile with red tiles forming a C along trim lines (on each side at the bottom of the arch) of mostly yellow tiles.

To reach the enlarged, from renovations mezzanine there is an elevator towards the middle of each platform an escalator, and closer towards each end of each platform staircases (two up from each platform). This mezzanine is mostly within fare control and has two concessions: a Millennium Dogs within fare control and a newsstand outside of it. There are three different banks of lots of turnstiles (and a high exit turnstile), two are between silver booth for the customer assistant plus all 3 of the different types of CTA FVMs (regular, credit card, and the one that sells passes). There are two combined staircase/escalators that lead up to the NE and SE corners of Chicago and State Streets. At the street these two exits are covered in modern but ornate glass and gold kiosks (similar to those in downtown). There is an elevator up to the SW corner of the street in a similar gold and glass enclosure. The street elevator arrives at an awkward place at the end of the mezzanine, there is a little corridor that connects it to FVMs and the rest of the mezzanines or passengers can use the single accessible turnstile right in front of it.
Photos 1-5 taken on 24 October, 2004 and 6-33 on 25 October, 2011

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One of two extra wide station entrances
Sign for the two directions of the Red Line: To Howard or To 95/Dan Ryan. This has been replaced by a sign that says Red Line Subway
The posted Red Line Timetable
A floor view of the marble platform
View of the Blue tactile warning strip
White Chicago text in the new skyline tiling scheme
Sign for Loyola University
Sign for the elevator in the tiled arched ceiling
Or the escalator?
View up the escalator
Arriving at the much wider mezzanine
Millennium Dogs
Approaching a bank of turnstiles, some are exit only
The Skyline tiling with Chicago written above
The combined golden staircase/up escalator entrance
The street elevator
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