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Memorial Park

is at the northern end of the tunnel beneath downtown Pasadena and is still below-grade. The station has the Holly Street Village Apartments built over most of it (except the entrance ramps) and has two side platforms with lines of columns holding up the buildings that overhang them from the east. The platforms have one entrance at their southern end each with a ramp up (and staircases to supplement for portions) up to the north side of Holly Street that forms the southern tunnel portal. Artwork is The First Artists in Southern California: A Short Story by John Valadez.
Photos 1-7 taken on 18 March, 2010, 8-12 on 19 March, 2010

Un-lit station entrance pillar
Nighttime view of the station beneath a building
The First Artists in Southern California: A Short Story
Platform sign
A P2250 stops in the station
Looking down from the overpass to the dark station
The vintage looking fence and pillars at the station entrance
Looking down on the platform
It's a long switchback ramp down to the platform with a staircase
The station feels like it is almost underground
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Gold Line<Memorial Park
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Last Updated: 18 April, 2011
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