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is the first station in the median of I-210, the Foothill Freeway, that was previously used by the ATSF until January 1994 when that line was rerouted there in the 1970s. The station has two entrances on each side of the wide overpass of Lake Avenue. There are shelters and TVMs at street level that extend to bus stops. The colored glass for the entrance shelters around the staircases is etched with black and white figures which is Everyday People by Pat Ward Williams, the station's artwork The eastern side has a small clock tower on top. These each have a staircase and elevator down to track level where the western entrance has a walkway beneath the overpass where it joins the eastern entrance, and there is an additional fenced off walkway continuing down to the actual platform entrance where turnstiles have were installed in May 2010 just after my visit (Bringham Yen, New Turnstiles at Lake Ave Gold Line Station in Pasadena, Downtown Los Angeles News and Updates, May 19, 2010). The simple island platform is reached that extends eastward (the only entrance is at the western end of the station) with first a canopy for about half the length before it gives way to an exposed platform.
All Photos thaken on 19 March, 2010

Stairs upstairs
Looking down to the platform
Station entrance Rider's Dream
Bus stops outside
Clock tower, station pillar and bus stop
The clock tower of the station entrance
The eastern station entrance
Underpass to the station platform
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Gold Line<Lake
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