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Station is at the approximate location of the former ATSF Station for Pasadena that was finally closed with the rerouting of the Southwest Chief via Fullerton (the route it uses today) on January 14, 1994 (Bob Pool, "Final Boarding Call Nostalgia: Hundreds turn out early to watch the last train pull out of Pasadena's picturesque station. The depot is being closed and the tracks converted for commuter service," L.A. Times January 15, 1994, Link) The Desert Wind also served the station from October 28, 1979 to April 26, 1986. In the railroad glory days when it was home to the Super Chief it was the primary stop that served hollywood and its celebrities so they could avoid the hustle and bustle of Union Station and because Pasadena is closer to Hollywood. The historic 1935 depot was moved in 2001to Central Park across the street to preserve it as the tunnel through downtown Pasadena was built (Mary Schubert "Santa Fe Depot ready to be moved, " Pasadena Star News October 14, 2001, Link), the original railroad ROW through downtown was a single track and extremely narrow, with buildings on each side so building a tunnel beneath between just beyond Del Mar and Memorial Park. The depot was moved again, as the Gold Line opened on July 26, 2003, back across the street and sits as part of the transit oriented development (not photographed because I did not know the historical story when I visited Pasadena) around today's Del Mar Station that includes the buildings built directly over the Gold Line. It is now home to the La Grande Orange Station Cafe, a restaurant, address 260 S. Raymond Ave just a few doors down from the depots original location at 220 S. Raymond Avenue.

The Gold Line station today has two side platforms just before the tunnel beneath downtown. Each has three standard canopies and entry is only at there southern ends where there are ramps down to a grade crossing. The station is surrounded by a transit oriented development that has even built a building over the tracks. The main entrance is along the Los Angeles-bound platform with a plaza out to Raymond Avenue. The Sierra Madre Villa-bound platform has access to the surrounding TOD. Fencing along the ramps up to the platforms and walkways is covered in steel discs, axles, arcs, pistons, turntables, and rails, all part of Kinetic Energy by Ries Niemi. There is also a six foot tower with similar decorations.
Photos 1-6 taken on 18 March, 2010, 7-13 on 19 March, 2010

Ramp up to one of the platforms
Gears of Kinetic Energy
A nighttime view of the station
Lighted pillar for the entrance to Del Mar Station
TVMs at the station entrance
More gears at the station entrance
Kinetic Energy along one of the station ramps
A train approaches
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