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Pico is the original northern terminus of the Blue Line when it opened on July 14, 1990, it was extended the one stop underground to 7 St/Metro Center on February 15, 1991, the tunnel portal is a block north of Pico Station. The Expo Line joined the blue line stopping at Pico when it opened on April 28, 2012 and the narrow island platform is now a transfer point for passengers going from Culver City to Long Beach. The station is also the closest to the Staples Center (home to the NBA Clippers and Lakes, NHL Kings, and WNBA Sparks) and the single narrow island platform is not well designed to handle post-game or any other crowds. The station is located at street level on the east side of Flower Street beginning just north of Pico Blvd and getting close to the intersection of 12 Street. The stop has a single island platform with one canopy towards its southern end and entrances at both ends. THe southern entrance is a ramp, the northern entrance a staircase that lead from grade crossings across the eastern northbound track (to only the eastern sidewalk). Jersey barriers have been built to prevent people from jaywalking across Flower Street and the Staples Center to reach the station. Artwork is Time and Presence by Robin Brailsford, metalwork in secondary canopy-like structures along the platform. In preparation for the Expo line, the station got an overall with new signage to include the expo line and plenty of E and Blue dots with clear destination option signs, the TVMs have been relocated from the same level as the platforms to below, at the platform entrances. The former grey columns that hold up the canopies and other platform framework are now painted blue.
Photos 1-3 taken on 17 March, 2008, 4-19 on 24 March, 2011, and 20-27 on 23 June, 2013

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P850 #139 leaves the station
The nortern platform exit
The tunnel portal viewed from the street
The tracks rising out of the tunnel portal
Sign for the Metro Rail Station
Do Not Enter the train tunnel
Looking across to the platform from the street
The southern ramp entrance
The ramp entrance and skyline beyond
Sign for the entrance to the ramp
A parking lot and station with its pagoda roof
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Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Expo Line<Pico
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Blue Line<Pico
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