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Grand is located on a brief area of east-west running after the Blue Line and Expo Line diverge one block away where the blue line curves north to join the Expo Line on Flower Street. The station is located in the median of Washington Blvd with the main entrance at its eastern (southbound end) from the crosswalk at the intersection of Grand Avenue. Here a ramp leisurely goes up to the platform where TVMs are before the platform begins at its only canopy that takes up about half a LRV-length. The platform continues bare with only lampposts and benches to its western end where there are two TVMs beneath there own tiny awning and a staircase leads off the high-level platform to a pedestrian crosswalk over only the southern (eastbound) lanes of Washington Blvd to Los Angeles Trade Technical College. This is across from were Hope Street ends intersecting only the northern (westbound lanes). Artwork is Who, What, Where? by Mark Lere.
Photos 1-8 on 18 March, 2010 and Photo 9 on 20 March, 2010

P850 #134 curves north
P850 #103 goes north on Flower Street just beyond the station
Looking across traffic to the Grand Station's platform
Looking across to waiting passengers
Ramp entrance into the station
A train leaves
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Blue Line<Grand
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