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23rd Street is the first stop on the Expo Line after the Blue Line curves off Flower Street and the Expo Line stays straight. The station opened with Phase 1 of the Expo Line on April 28, 2012. The stop is a connecting point to the Silver Line Buses that run via Transitways (here on local streets) and this connection is listed on line strip maps. The Blue Line curves onto the Expo Line along Flower Street 4 blocks north of the station from Washington Street (right after the Grand Station) and the two trains share two tracks entering downtown to 7th/Metro Center with an intermediate stop at Pico. The station itself has a single island platform and is located at street level along the east side of Flower Street.

The island platform has the normal aqua-colored Expo Line steel and canopy coverings. Artwork consists of colorful photographs faces both the front and back of their heads. It is called The Intimacy of Place by Christofer C. Dierdorff. Entrances to the platform are at each end. The station is a bit south of the intersection of 23rd Street and Flower Street and the main station entrance is from this intersection. There is a walkway at street level that is quite long and eventually has TVMs beneath their canopy before becoming a ramp up to platform level. A southern exit is stairs at that end of the platform that lead to the usual TVMs before a pedestrian crossing across only the Downtown LA-bound track a sidewalk of Flower Street parellel to the Light Rail tracks (with a fence across from the platform and tracks to keep people off of them). Right now along Flower Street is a clinic and a new Transit Oriented Development under construction.
All Photos take on 23 June, 2013

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The Intimacy of Place
The Intimacy of Place above the southern steps exit
The Intimacy of Place
Going down to the stairs only southern exit
The northbound trackbed
View from the adjacent sidewalk to the steps entrance
The sidewalk is narrow between the station and a construction project. It's offers a neat perspective on station's wavy canopy
The other end of the platform has a ramp and its a long walk to the nearest intersection to actually leave the station
The 23rd Street pillar
Starting down the walkway to the platform entrance ramp
The covered information and TVMs
The northern ADA platform entrance to the end of the platform
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