Pacific Northwest

Amtrak Cascades from Portland to the rebuilt Tukwila Station via Port Defiance

This is Part 3 of my 2018 Pacific Northwest Up-to-Date Trip I leave the Society Hostel at 11:15 with my luggage and started walking north the few blocks to Union Station. I pass Union Station/NW 5th & Gilsan–(2 Photos) and then some northbound trains curving around the curve just north of Union Station/NW 6th & Hoyt–(3 Photos).   I […]

Pacific Northwest Transit Adventures

Riding Sounder All the Way Down to Lakewood!

This post is part four of Spring Skiing Spring Break.  I buy my Mariners ticket and walk back up to King Street Station–(8 Photos) and walk over the overpass to the Sounder island platform that is separate from the regular station. I board the second Tacoma-bound train (this becomes the second reverse peak direction train and […]