Pacific Northwest Transit Adventures

The Long Walk to Link Light Rail into Seattle to an Afternoon Ferry Ride Included on my ORCA Day Pass (A 2 day old Fare Product)

This post is part three of Spring Skiing Spring Break.   Introduction: Tuesday night before my trip I’m visiting the Sound Transit website and notice an alert that through September (the website says they began on April first, but when I check later the website says starting April 9th) the region is piloting an ORCA Day Pass […]

Transit Adventures

Flying to Seattle on Delta Air Lines, A Transcontinental Non-Stop with blankets (no pillows), International IFE, but no Food

This post is part two of Spring Skiing Spring Break. I sit and relax for 20 minutes eating the bagel I packed at home and forgot to eat on the subway. I eventually decide to get up and walk the new long pier that replaced the Pan Am Terminal that has been nearly demolished to […]