Finishing CA to an AGR Roomette

The Nice, Empty Scenic Pennsylvanian Across Horseshoe Curve to Elizabethtown

When I booked this months ago I decided to turn my final day of this trip into a quafecta points run to get more Keystone corridor stations of Elizabethtown, Mount Joy, and Lancaster plus a quick layover for an extra 100 points in Philly. I should also add that the Capital to Pennsylvanian Route is […]

Transit Adventures

A Short Day Trip to Philly for a Points Run on the Pennsylvanian and Doing a Station to Staiton of the Trenton Regional Rail Line

Today it was time for another day trip and points run to Philadelphia. I did it with my one old railfan friend Robert so it was slightly less intense and adventurous than many of my trips with a very leisurely start for a day trip to Philly. We only booked it the night before so […]