Transit Adventures

A Yonkers to Newark Points Run and Finishing the Newark City Subway

Monday, my first day back begins as a beautiful day. I don’t have any work commitments until Tuesday. My original plan is to perhaps visit Greystone, Glenwood or Ludlow before my YNY to NWK points run. I end up getting distracted catching up on things from this trip and don’t leave as early as I […]

New Jersey NYC Subway Transit Adventures

Finally Finishing NJT North Riding out to Hackettstown via the Montclair-Boonton Line out Morristown Line back aboard Metro-North Comet Vs

I’m determined to finally get out to Hackettstown, the one part of NJT Rail I haven’t ridden except for the Atlantic City Line that will have to be a much larger adventure of a trip another time. I decide to ask Robbie my friend that I visited in Rhode Island and went on the Shore […]

New Jersey

Newark Broad Street and more photos of the Light Rail Extension

In this update I’ve finally gotten the other rail station in Newark, Newark-Broad Street Station up on the web: Lackawanna’s Broad Street Train Station–(98 Photos)     I also rebuilt my section for the new (2006) downtown Newark Light Rail Extension, built to connect Newark’s two train stations with quite a lot of new photos: Broad […]

Amtrak New Jersey

The 4 Levels of Newark-Penn Station are here!

Well I finally have finished another one of New Jersey major rail stations, Newark-Penn Station. It’s a quite vertical oriented station and I made different sections of pages for its four levels. Starting from the top: Upper Level Platform H–(21 Photos) — used by PATH for discharging passengers Main Elevated Tracks Level–(49 Photos) — six […]