Metro-North Transit Adventures

Yankees – East 153rd Street (and the ferry dock) and the Entire Hudson Line is Here

It’s only fitting to make the last Hudson Line Station the newest, Yankees-East 153rd Street(61 Photos) that opened only in 2009. Since 2005 I’ve had photos up of the temporary ‘station’ (just wooden steps up to each door) that was used for two days during the Transit Strike. This ‘previous’ Yankee Stadium station has been incorporated into the update.


As I was going through writing this update I found some photos I took taking a ferry to Yankee Stadium. Delta Air Lines, in 2011 (and 2012 I think) as a promotion sponsored a free New York Waterway ferry (well there was a $1 reservation fee) from South Street Seaport and East 39th Street only to games. The small Yankee Stadium Ferry dock requires crossing the Oak Point Freight Line at grade and although no train was crossing is one of the more unique train moments in New York I’ve been on:

yankee_ferry1 yankee_ferry3 yankee_ferry2 yankee_ferry4 yankee_ferry5 yankee_ferry6 yankee_ferry7

These photos will be exclusive to the blog since I don’t make webpages for ferries. They were taken on June 15, 2011.