Amtrak California

Upload: Sacramento Valley Station is Finally Here (Before and After the New Platforms)!

This station I honestly had basically finished a year ago, as I go through my photos finishing to write my (anti-) Epic Ski Trip Report I realized I hadn’t actually quite finished the photo labeling or uploaded the actual section up to the website. It’s quite massive and contains two sections: The first is the station building, light rail platform and the original Amtrak platforms(112 Photos!) in use until August 13, 2012 that were located close to the historic station.


The second is the new Amtrak platforms(64 Photos) that opened 500 feet away from the station (with the overall goal of infill development in the former rail yard area) on August 13, 2012. Today the entire area along the way is vacant land and the original Amtrak platforms look like ghostly remains.


Enjoy this new MegaStation, soon I’ll get back to my TripReport!