Long Island Rail Road

LIRR: Syosset, the last missing station in Nassau County and Cold Spring Harbor

Last month I went on an LIRR trip and finally got to Syosset, a station I never quite got to before because of the fact that it’s one of two stops (the other is Oyster Bay) without NICE Bus Service nearby. I made a stopover (spent 75¢ more) on my way out to the diesel territory of the Port Jefferson Branch. For Cold Spring Harbor (located in Suffolk County) I took the N79 to, it stops on Jericho Turnpike, about a mile from the station and the train out from. This accomplishment means that I now have every LIRR Station in Nassau County!

Here are the two new stations:

I had to count and I’m now at 91 out of 124 Stations, so I’m awfully close to getting everything done, although the logistics of finishing the faraway Hamptons are going to be tricky (terrible bus service doesn’t help either) Inner Suffolk County won’t be so hard and I have 12 more station to upload in Suffolk in the near pipeline. I never thought I’d be so close to finishing the country’s biggest commuter rail system!