NYC Subway Transit Adventures

A Quick Trip to Ardsley-on-Hudson and Dobbs Ferry, Getting the Lake Shore with PV

Today, a nice sunny fall day after a productive morning and early afternoon working I just had to get out of the house and go up the Hudson Line. The main thing I want to photograph was the Lake Shore Limited, something I’ve done countless of times but this time I was quite curious. The Boston section isn’t currently running with a busitution between Albany and Boston because of CSX track work for this week. I am curious to know if this means sending the full 13 car train down the Hudson or still doing the divide/combining in Albany and leaving the Boston half there overnight?

The logistics of the day were simple. I had a nice walk over to the University Heights Station and bought a $3.50 ticket on the 3:39 train (came in at 3:42) to Ardsley-on-Hudson. I got up to the Ardsley on Hudson Station and almost immediately the northbound Lake Shore came through. At first I was disappointed when I realized no combined train, just the New York Section.

ardsley1 ardsley2 ardsley3 ardsley4

Then I saw two extra cars on the back, Private Varnish. Then I realized not just any private varnish but New York Central #43 (a Tavern/Lounge Car) and Hickery Creek!! A former Bullet Lounge of the 20th Century Limited, fittingly running up the Hudson on the Lake Shore.

I spent a some more time at Ardsley getting more photos (I’m saving those for an actually rebuilt the Ardsley-on-Hudson) and a full photo essay. The River:


Then I started walking south, taking a short cut through Mercy College and down the Old Croton Aqueduct Path, I couldn’t have asked for a nice walk. I ended up getting to Dobbs Ferry, getting my photo essay, disappointed the historic depot that is now a coffee shop was closed. I decided to wait around for the On Time Southbound Lake Shore Limited as evening descended. I didn’t get any photos of it, completely blocked my Metro-North local trains stopping on both platforms as it zoomed through, I luckily didn’t notice anything two special riding on it, just the normal Lake Shore consist.

To get home I wanted to take Bee-Line Bus Route 1 to the 1 train, getting home for just one MetroCard ride deducted. I walked up and saw the bus at a stop sign as I jogged across the street to try and get to the nearest bus stop trying to motion to the driver to stop there for me. The driver did nothing and I was stuck waiting over 25 minutes (to add insult the next bus was a short-tern terminating in Hastings) before an uneventful and not to bad ride to 242 Street and the 1 train the short ways home (total travel time once the bus came a little under an hour).

It was a good little afternoon adventure up the Hudson, one of the most scenic places to photograph trains anywhere that I’m grateful is just outside my front door.

A small bonus: A few months ago I noticed the MTA replaced both sets of doors at the Overlook Terrace Entrance to 181 Street(6 Photos). I finally remembered to take my camera on a walk and get some photos. Plus 1 of 190 Street