NYC Subway

Recently Reopened Aqueduct Racetrack, Manhattan-bound A Trains bypassing 111th St, and more from the A in Queens

I was so focused on finishing Chicago and then Boston I never quite got this update in. Exactly two weeks ago I had a busy week, bought a weekly MetroCard and found myself deciding it was time for some regular railfanning. I noticed that a midday GO was having Manhattan-bound A trains from Lefferts run in the middle track and bypass 104 Street and 111 Street so that was the main excuse for this trip. I also finally  visited the station configuration at Resorts World Casino that has now opened at Aqueduct Racetrack walking from Aqueduct to Aqueduct North Conduit. I ended going as far south as Broad Channel (didn’t bother with the Rockaways, I’m sick of going out there after all of my Post Sandy trips).

Here is list is in the order of the stations I visited, it was a day of doubling back: