Finishing CA to an AGR Roomette

Greyhound Cancels a bus: A 4½ hour trip from Tucson to Phoenix

Yet again Greyhound is a Nightmare!

I have a nice relaxing morning hanging out at the house of some friends, the perfect, post lack of sleep overnight train activity.

At about 1:30 I get dropped off at the Greyhound station for the 2:00pm bus I booked yesterday getting the cheapest $13 fare by paying at 7/11. I find the station unusually empty and wait at the ticket window and find out that the 2:00pm has been canceled and I will be rebooked on the 3:45pm. It could be a lot worse at least it’s only an hour and 45 minutes. The wait for the ticket window means my friends are already nearly home so I take a walk to the Library to get some blogging done and return around 2:45 nervous the bus will be full from the cancelations. I drop my luggage in line and a few bags in front. At about 3:15 an Americanos bus pulls up these I’ve ridden from Denver to ABQ and have some of the worst legroom I’ve been on.

We assemble at 3:30 and board that very bus. I’m pleasantly surprised by the interior with more legroom and white coverings for Crucero on all the seats. The seats look dated but it isnt has bad as it might be. Legroom is a bit better. At least were getting on an empty bus. I’m happy this bus is the only time I have to deal with from Greyhound and its Mexican subsidiaries.

We leave on time at 3:45. I’m surprised this bus is only a Tucson to Phoenix shuttle run with a stop in Mesa. Happily I don’t have to double up. We get on the 10 and hit traffic.

4:30 I doze off and awake at 4:32 were along I-10 alongside the tracks I took into Tucson this morning. The frustrating part of this bus ride is the detour to Mesa that is quite out of the way. I also have a fussy baby behind me.

At 5:36 we arrive at Mesa where I got stuck on my last trip because I didn’t know the bus times had changed with the beginning of DST in the rest of the country. I see them load up package express shipments. I see someone with a dog that indeed boards the bus, is that really allound. At least I will be short trip to Phoenix. We leave at 5:42 while the family is still in the aslie before stopping for them.

At 5:54 we get the announcement for Phoenix and all the connections with most leaving late at night. The driver just says Thank you for traveling Greyhound lines, not Autobuses Americanos or Crucero-USA, the other branding on the bus. I walk through the station and find the friend I’m visiting in Phoenix in his car, not enjoying the 100 degree heat!