Metro-North NYC Subway Superstorm Sandy

Grand Central Just Reopened and Photos of the First Metro-North Train to Arrive in GCT – No Subways = Gridlock, Part 6

This post is the sixth (Post 1|Post 2|Post 3|Post 4|Page 5) in a multi-post series about my day wandering down to Midtown Manhattan after Superstorm Sandy when there was no subway service and the only train service to Manhattan was the Metro-North Harlem Line that resumed hourly service after 2pm, all bus service was fare-free.

I got off the bus at Grand Central about 2:35. The first departure to North White Plains had left at 2:25. I first noticed a sign on the door of the terminal entitled Hurricane Sandy: After the Storm. The first thing I noticed wandering in was the departure monitor all blue for the Harlem Line and all ending at North White Plains with just one platform opened, tracks 36 and 37. I wandered into the terminal which was already full of tourists taking their photographs and some people trying to get to Westchester full of Luggage. Portions of the terminal were quite empty with just a few of usual shops open. One ticket window was open I also got pictures of the blank departures board with only the Harlem Line board on. The new information kiosk did nothing other than display the wrong time and the pre hurricane service message. Most of the platform gates were fully closed but I got a few photos where they were open. I also got closed entrances inside the station. To the shuttle passage was just police tape beyond locked doors. The best photos were of the main escalators down to the subway station’s large mezzanine. This entrance has a service status screen above it so I also got photos of all suspended I eventually noticed the arrivals monitor and that the first arrival into New York City was due at 3:01, I wandered over to the one open platform (full of people getting on the train to North White Plains), and managed to get photos of the first train to arrive in Manhattan since Sunday Night!

Again a 65 photo gallery, I don’t really like this format but its the most efficient way to get photos up quickly:

Eventually I left when I noticed BusTime said a bus on the BxM1 was less than a stop away I dashed over to Third Avenue to catch it.