Upload: San Diego’s Stations: Old Town and Santa Fe Depot

Well I’ve been back in New York for 2 weeks and have barely taken the subway, I’m leaving again in another two weeks to take Amtrak out to RAGBRAI a bike ride that I’m doing for four days in Iowa. This means that all my free time has been spent on my bike and I’ve even had a couple days visiting friends on it I’ve barely ridden the subway.

On a bad note I am currently having issues with the hard drive that has all my pictures from my trip and a bit before that. I’m generally quite good about backing things up except when traveling. It stopped powering on a day after I got back home before I had a chance to run a back-up. I’m still trying to figure out whats wrong with it so I can’t access anything from Texas or the month before my trip.

Instead I present the beginnings of a new section I meant to finish before my Tennessee to Texas Trip, I wrote about half of it before I left. As I test the trolley station pages (and write the home pages) I thought I might as well start with the two heavy rail stations in San Diego, which means Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner is complete station page wise (although hopefully one day I have a reason to go to Surf and Guadeloupe, they both got out the door photo essays). Both have just one section for three transit systems the Coaster, Amtrak and San Diego Trolley because the trolley tracks are directly alongside the mainline railroad tracks:

Except the rest of San Diego Trolley (with every station) in the next few days!