Transit Adventures

HBLR, SIR and Walking Over Both Port Authority Bridges With Paths

Today’s adventures took me from walking over both the George Washington bridge and the Bayonne and on the Staten Island Ferry.

The day began a little after 9am with me leaving home and walking over the GWB to catch the NJT Bus Route 181 to Bergenline Ave on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail. The main reason I walked over the Bridge is because NJT doesn’t offer transfers for interstate trips. I paid just $3.05 for my entire trip including the HBLR. Taking a West Side Av train to Liberty State Park and then a 8th St train to the terminus to do a photo essay of this newly opened (just in January) station. Then I had a wonderful walk over the empty pedestrian path of the Bayonne Bridge to Staten Island stopped for lunch at an odd Mexican/Pizza restaurant and wished bus time existed.
I stood outside the restaurant for a good 15 minutes for the S46 to the Tompkinsville Station and used my free transfer (I don’t ride daily these days to warrant an unlimited) to enter the Staten Island Railway at the new (started January 2010) fare control house and rode it down to Great Kills (3 years ago I got everything from Tottenville to Eltingville). Next it was a walk up to Bay Terrace train to Oakwood Heights walk to New Drop train to Grant City walk to Jefferson Av. At this point it was about 3:30 and dinner plans in Lower Manhattan would cause me not to get a photo essay of the rest of the needed stations so I decided to take the free way out off of Staten Island. I took the train to Stapleton and it was an perfectly easy 1.3 mile walk to the ferry terminal (and me $2 saved) and I made the 4:50 boat for my dinner engagements.