Rockies Region

Update: The Rockies Gets a homepage and Phoenix is here! (three weeks ago)

Well I appoligize for the lack of updates lately, my computer has been broken for about two weeks. I was installing the Mac audoupdate and it made my computer go caput. It took me a week and a half to finally find three hours (a week ago Wednesday) on a weekday (Colorado Springs does have weekend bus service again but not on this route) to sit on the once every hour bus from campus that takes 45 minutes to reach the sprawling strip mall north of town where the one Apple store is to finally drop off my computer still covered under AppleCare. I got there and it turned out a moisture strip had been tripped at some point so technically I had voided the entire warrenty but the ‘genus’ took pitty on me and decided to due the repairs anyway ‘on him,’ ‘Just don’t spill water on your computer again!’ I was greatful to apple for taking pity on me and not being stuck with a $700 bill! My computer came back a week ago, only two days later, good as new. The hard drive was erased but I had backed everything up on my time machine. Unfortunately two of my days from my Spring Break adventure are not on there, and I can’t find the files Phoenix and New Mexico Rail Runner, so those sections will remain incomplete (unless I can figure out if there somewhere on that hard drive).

Well I’ve been meaning to finish my trip report from my california adventures: bascally I spent that Sunday in San Diego only walking through downtown for the website on a miserably cold day, Monday I did the entire SPRINTER and most of Coaster (go their $14 regional day pass), Tuesday was finishing the trolley system, Wednesday I wended my way (a little slowly) up to LA finishing the two Coaster Stations I missed and then getting four Metrolink stations in Orange County (after having a disaster on the counties bus system, in a Metrolink employee telling me where to go for the wrong bus stop). Thursday and Friday I finished my station to station of the green line (I’d photographed the stations on all the other lines previously, once the Rockies are done souther california will be next) and went on some bus adventures through LA County getting more Metrolink Stations photographed (I’m developing the start to a decent section for this system). On Saturday I flew back to Colorado got some excellent photos of the California Zephyr stopped at the temporary station in Denver due to all of Union Station’s construction (the station building is across the street from the platform), and took another AAU bus (the same trip I started my trip on 9 days before) back to Colorado Springs. AAU ever ceases to amaze me with their terrible service. The driver when he was collecting our tickets in Denver started joking about how the bus doesn’t usually stop in Colorado Springs but tonight he would make a special stop for us.

The reason that I did not write this in greater detail is because of my research for the State of The Rockies Project being finally published. I’ve been busily working on making the home pages for the Rockies section and the front page in general, Which I have re-written in a slightly temporary format (the goal is to make this website truly national with a separate home page for every region), a link to the New York section will always though be prominantely placed on the homepage (it will always be the largest section, it is by far the largest system), The main release is a very large section for Phoenix’s Valley Metro with over 600 photos!

Well here is a link to the new Rockies Section!