Transit Adventures

A Tour of the Jackson Hole Airport

Well, as I’ve alluded too in previous posts, I’m currently in Colorado Springs writing a section on Infrastructure for the next State of the Rockies Report Card. As part of the research we went on a Nine-day Road Trip to do various interviews on people in the Region. On the trip we put over 2,400 miles on a CC-van. A full itinerary is here (written by a colleague, not me)

One major highlight of the trip was a tour of the Jackson Hole Airport, on this tour I saw their brand new baggage screening area, that felt as big as the small terminal itself, this is where after you drop of your back it is sent by conveyer belts through the explosive screeners (directly interlined into the system), they automatically alert the TSA workers if something strange is spotted and then send to one of a couple (for this airport, I’m sure for other airports there many more), carousels that look basically the same as the ones you retrieve your baggage on where the bags are put into the carts to be driven out to the aircraft. Another funny cite that I found were four standard household looking refrigerators that were labeled Airline Catering Only, and had the various airlines names on them. Guess so they can re-stock the soft drinks. We also got to ride around the tarmac in an airport fire truck: