Amtrak Metro-North

Upload: Harriman, Poughkeepsie, Newark Airport

Three new rail stations from my recent trip east: Poughkeeps (10 photos), Harriman (32 photos), Newark International Airport (12 photos)

Well what do these three stations have in common, not much, I just visited all of them on my weekend trip east to Mohonk, each of them is very different, ones a simple single platform with a large parking lot, one still has it’s historic New York Central Building, and the third is only a transfer station (No access to the street) access is only via train or the Airtrain Monorail
Here are the three stations:

Poughkeepsie Poughkeeps (10 photos)
Avenue M Harriman (32 photos)
Newark International Newark International Airport (12 photos)

Actual photos of the AirTrain Newark Monorail, (and the second half of my trip-the trip back home to Colorado), should be coming next!