Upload: Ottawa’s O-Train is Here With its 5 Simple Stations!

This update is of Ottawa’s simple, starter and small, DMU light rail system that uses Bombardier Talent BR643 DMU diesel-powered vehicles, that are the same as those use by Deutsche Bahn, although the onboard restroom has been decommissioned. Evidence of the cars German’s origins are still evident in some subtle signage such as text on the emergency equipment. The rail line and it’s five stations still use a barely active freight rail line, that’s entirely single tracked except at Carleton, the lines middle station where the 2 DMUs that are running in service pass one another.
Here’s the 5 new stations:

Union Station Bayview (15 photos)
carling Carling (11 photos)
carleton Carleton (18 photos)
confederation Confederation (7 photos)
greenboro Greenboro (7 photos)

Enjoy! and yes, once I get more of Canada finished I plan to make a more elaborate and informative homepage for this subsection of the website