Upload: MNR-Hartsdale

One new MNR station, photographed today: Hartsdale (16 photos of the station, and 11 of the artwork)

Well, today I was wondering a bit through Westchester and ended up in the small town that’s Hartsdale and was able to photograph it’s railroad station:

Hartsdale Hartsdale (16 photos of the station, and 11 of the artwork)

I’m getting quite close to being done with the rest of Toronto, so it should be coming soon.
Also, I’ve changed the .php for the photo tables so they will look a bit less ridiculous saying “Photo by Jeremiah Cox” beneath every photo, now just the date will be displayed, now in a smaller font too. Hope this change makes the photo descriptions a bit easier to read.

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You said you were removing the phrase “Photo by Jeremiah Cox” on all your .php pages. I don’t think that applied to the pages on the stations in the Bronx. Also note the northern most stops on the 1 line…

I know, that’s because those older pages are still in the old HTML format, (some also have older HTML based photo tables that I see no reason to convert to PHP) and I would need to go and individually remove “Photo by Jeremiah Cox”, which I find a not necessary use of my time.