NYC Subway

Upload: The subway to Bay Ridge and southern part of the 4th Avenue Subway

The two tracked portion (the R’s branch after all the other branches split off) of the 4th Avenue Subway is here: Bay Ridge-95 Street (23 photos), 86 Street(20 photos), 77 Street(28 photos), Bay Ridge Avenue (16 photos), and 59 Street(13 photos)

Well, I decided to take a bit of a break from making pages for the IND in Brooklyn, mostly because I don’t know if I’m going to need to re-brand the stations in a month when the G is sopposively extended to Church Avenue because of construction on the Culver Viaduct. So I decided I would hit the 4th Avenue subway line that shoots due street-grid south under 4th Avenue from Pacific Street to 95 Street-Bay Ridge. I’m starting from the south and Bay Ridge-95 Street with the section of it that’s two tracks and the R’s own little branch, a place where the R isn’t just providing local service as express trains whoosh by its stations. Here are the four stations (plus 59 Street, the first express stop):

Bay Ridge-95 Street Bay Ridge-95 Street (23 photos)
86 Street 86 Street(20 photos)
77 Street 77 Street(28 photos)
Bay Ridge Av Bay Ridge Avenue (16 photos)
59 Street 59 Street(13 photos)

Enjoy! Finishing pages for the 4th Avenue subway is my new next priority (until I figure out how permanent the G train’s extension is to Church Avenue), and shouldn’t take too long, the stations are rather identical and simple.