NYC Subway

Upload: The Highest Station of them all-Smith 9th Streets

Added the highest station on the subway system at over 90 feet above street level: Smith-9th Streets(39 photos)

Yup, I’ve just finished making the pages for Smith-9th Street that towers over 90 feet above the Gowanus Canal. It also will be the New York City Subway Page with the record for the most photos at 39, (the overall record goes to Rahway with 64 photos):

High Street Smith-9th Streets(39 photos)

Enjoy! Also, now the G line gets the award of being the first real (I’ve already done the Rockaway Park Shuttle) of being completely finished with rebuilt, fully photographed stations and .php webpages. The G train tough with its four car trains and terrable service really needs more love than the MTA gives it (don’t abuse your one train that doesn’t enter Manhattan, you built it that way, its not its fault)