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Upload: The IND Fulton Street Subway – Part I

Began to work on the rest of the IND Fulton Street Subway, starting off from Broadway Junction: Rockaway Av (19 photos), Ralph Av (11 photos), Utica Av (16 station photos, & 19 artwork photos)

Now that today I photographed Rockaway Ave. I decided that its time to make the pages for the Fulton Street Subway Line.
This is part I of the update, two basic IND local stops, and an unusual express stop courtesy of the unbuilt IND second system:

Rockaway Av Rockaway Av (19 photos)
Ralph Av Ralph Av (11 photos)
Utica Av Utica Av (16 station photos, & 19 artwork photos)

Enjoy, I’m planning to built this line all the way down all the way to Hoyt-Schmerhorn to tie it in with the G as my next updates.