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Upload: The three Pitkin Av Subway extension Local Stations – unusual art and design

Here the three local stations: Shepherd Avenue (22 photos), Van Siclen Avenue (16 photos), and Liberty Avenue (15 photos)

This update is of the three local stations between Broadway Junction and Euclid Avenue, along what is known as the Pitkin Avenue Subway extension, which was the last real IND line to be built, supposively the tunnels had been built before the war, with shells as stations, but war time material restrictions prohibited them from being completed opening after World War II in 1948. The design of them is quite unusual because of this, each station is basically the same with a single fairly small by IND standards mezzanine in the exact center of each of the sets of side platforms, that leads to still exits at every corner of the intersection above the station. Most striking though, especially to the passer-by on an express train, is that the wall tiles are cream-colored, not white with the tiles larger. The stations do have a trim and standard name tablets, all in a light and dark blueish purple color. All in all these stations remind me quite a bit of the Toronto Subway, which was built during this same time-period. Here are the station pages:

Beach 90th St-Hollands Shepherd Avenue (22 photos)
Aqueduct-North Conduit Avenue Van Siclen Avenue(16 photos)
Howard Beach-JFK Airport Liberty Avenue(15 photos)

Enjoy, the rest of the Rockaway Line will be here very soon!