NYC Subway Transit Adventures

Welcome to Leave No Station Unphotographed!

I’ve just gotten back from an almost two week (twelve days exactly) road trip back from Colorado Springs to New York City, it’s the first time I’m back here since January, taking an extremely circuitous route via Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. I did a station to station of those two systems and now have photos of all rapid transit rail stations in Canada except for all of Vancouver and a couple I missed in Montreal. I plan in the future to create of subsidiary section of this website to host my section on the urban railways of Canada. I also photographed the Light Rails in Minneapolis and Pittsburgh, as well as remote Amtrak stations on the Empire Builder (including it passing near two of them) in Whitefish, MT, West Glacier, MT, Whitefish, MT, East Glacier Park, MT, Grand Forks, ND, Fargo, ND, Tomah, WI, and Wisconsin Dells, WI. I of course plan to get all these new sections and stations up in due course but have decided that my current goal for the website is finishing off New York City and getting all 468 photographed (since I’m back in New York) and up and running on the website, so no other updates to other cities for now, sorry! (I do though, in the more distant, future plan to relaunch the home page and give my website a more national focus with a separate, extremely giant focus for New York City).

As for deciding to try myself at blogging again, I hope a third times a charm. I have attempted to blog my daily activities on transit two times previously, one was A-Train Adventures, named because of my commute on the A Train every day to and from high school, that lasted for about seven posts in late 2005. The second was the specific blog I made in 2007 for my six-week adventure in Europe that I did in the summer of 2007 (don’t expect Europe on this website any time soon, I lost many of the photos in a hard drive crash). In addition to make sure this block simply does not just be a once-in-a-while written too thing, All new website update entries will be made only to this blog. I will use this system instead of the basic HTML page I was using before to provide a number of benefits, particular the ability to have a RSS stream so that if you want to keep track of my happenings feel free to subscribe to that stream.

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading up on me, as I try and photograph every rail station in New York and hopefully every rail station in North America and wherever else my world travels take me!

-Jeremiah Cox/The SubwayNut, your webmaster

P.S: This blog won’t make my TripLogs page obsolete, I simply plan to only use it as a way to publish my adventures on real, longer trips in a more formal way. Meaning, like it is now, trips will only be added to it on rare occasions, when I want to do a more formal write-up of a trip