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Wood-Ridge is the southern most station on the Pascack Valley Line and has the standard single side platform on the east side of the single track railroad. The station was originally on the opposite side of the tracks but the original depot had to be demolished for the widening of Route 17 and the current modern station house opened in 1967. The station is located along Park Place East with Moonachie Avenue crossing over the middle of the station on a overpass. The grade crossing of Anderson Avenue is a short ways south of the station. The station has a single narrow low-level concrete platform that can accommodate 5 cars with a single yellow line. The southern end of the platform has the 1967 depot, this is a small building with cream colored cinderblock walls, and a flat roof with a green roofline. Tiny connected overhangs cover sets glass doors on each side of the building, one leads out to the platform, the other leads to four steps down to Park Place East. There are full floor to ceiling windows by the glass doors on each side of the central waiting area that is open Monday to Friday 5am to 1pm. Inside are a few benches and the glass window remains of a long closed ticket office. Passengers buy tickets from a TVM in a tiny shelter (the only shelter for waiting passengers other than the overhang of the depot's roof) at the southern end of the platform. The rest of the platform is along a line of 98 angled parking spaces between the tracks and Park Place East that extend north from the station house nearly a quarter mile. Except at the northern end of the platform where there is a fence, there is just a curb between the platform and parking lot.
All photos were taken on 5 October, 2012

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A platform sign
The line of parking spaces extends quite far north from the station
Dual-Mode ALP-45DP #4510 and a 4 car train stop in the station
Dual-Mode ALP-45DP #4510 keeps pulling a northbound train
A side view of Dual-Mode ALP-45DP #4510 that will never use its pantograph on this run
This gap in the roofline of Dual-Mode ALP-45DP #4510 is where the lowered pantograph is for electrical operation (not approved for use into Penn Station as intended)
A Dual-Mode ALP-45DP pulls a Comet VI north
Comet V #6028 is the last car of a northbound train
Comet V #6028 keeps continuing north
Just the very northern end of the platform has a fence
The platform crosses beneath Moonachie Avenue
The fenced around northern end of the platform
The side of the Wood-Ridge cream colored station house
Across from the station from Park Place East
The streetside doors into the station up a few steps that the entire sidewalk climbs
Streetside of the depot
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Pascack Valley Line<Wood-Ridge
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