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Teterboro is a NJT Station located just north of the Airport of the same name that is the busiest General Aviation Airport in the country. The current (2012) NJ Transit map lists Williams Avenue as a secondary name for the stop. This is inaccurate because there is no legal way to cross the tracks along the platform because this street dead ends at a bunch of concrete blocks on the west side of the tracks although the platform is along the east side. It is definitely a place passengers often cross the tracks illegally (and the NJT map almost seems to condone this). The only legal way to reach the station from Williams Avenue is via half mile loop along the highway entrance ramps on US-46's overpass that crosses over the middle of the station (and Google Maps has a more circuitous route for pedestrians because US-46 is a highway). The stops hard to reach location gives it quite low ridership and no weekend trains along with some off peak weekday trains bypass the station.

The station has a single 4 car ground-level side platform with a wide painted yellow line below track level platform. The northern end of this platform runs from the US-46 overpass south with the dead end of Williams Avenue towards the southern end of it. The platform has a simple silver highway guide rail (with gaps to enter it) to separate it from the inefficiently used (it could be striped better for more space) 27 space parking lot that is in this area between the station and Green Street that curves east away from paralleling the tracks north of the station by its southern end. At the southern end of the platform (in the tiny area south of the end of the parking lot) are the only platform amenities. There is a tiny bike rack (capacity two) behind a single wooden bench. There is a tiny silver shelter that has another bench next to the station's single TVM.

February 20, 2013: NJT has officially closed the technically always illegal crossing of Williams Avenue by building a fence that cost taxpayers $100,000, (a local fence company said it should have cost only $5,000) the detour is over a mile long on dangerous roads without sidewalks around Teterboro Airport. The new fence has a petition and complaints from community members asking why they weren't notified of this and why NJ Transit hadn't built a safer level crossing instead. (Second Avenue Sagas blog post)
Photos 1-22: taken on 5 October, 2012, 23: 4 September, 2015

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cars parked across from the simple platform
A highway overpass over the northern end of the platform
A sign across from the platform, looks like it is about to topple over
Cars parked in the awkward curve of the parking lot
A platform sign with directions
The one shelter with a bench next to the TVM
View from the southern end of the platform
The platform's one outdoor bench at the southern end of it and bike rack behind it
A street dead ends across from the platform, no legal way to cross
A few cars in the parking lot
The curve of Green Street across from the platform
A sign for the station at the parking lot has a down arrow (I guess saying park here)
Close up of the Teterboro sign on a wooden telephone pole at the entrance
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