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Westwood is a stop on the Pascack Valley Line with a stone train depot also owned by the surrounding community although I can't find any information on the year of its construction. Most of the inside of the depot is a waiting area for trains and a local community space with some quite unusual amenities. There are two tables that appear to be ping-pong tables (minus the nets) and most of the chairs are of the white plastic variety. There are a few panels of historic information including one honoring Stargent Chirstopher R. Hrbek killed in the recent Afghanistan War in 2010. Also a plaque for Cheryl J. Todd, the borough historian. The station and train platform which it leads out to is alongside Veterans Memorial Park. The low-level platform is along the west side of the single grade-level Pascack Valley Line track and runs between the grade crossings of where Jefferson Avenue turns and becomes 1st Avenue (goes straight and becomes Park Avenue) at its southern end and Washington Avenue (which becomes Westwood Avenue) at its northern end. It is directly across from Broadway, the main shopping street of this town. The platform has been modernized with a tactile warning strip and at its southern end is a ramp which leads up to a small wooden mini-high platform making the station ADA compliant. The platform also has some historic looking lampposts and a single white domed shelter coving the station's one TVM on one side of the small plaza that leads to the depot slightly set back from it. New Jersey Transit's lists parking, mostly on street
All photos were taken on 30 January, 2012

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Looking down the station's track and beginning of the platform
Vintage font sign for the station
The wooden wheelchair ramp to the very short mini-high platform
The entrance portion of the ramp is concrete
Sign across from the platform and the shops of little shopping district beyond
The stone depot
Lampposts and the view of the platform in front of the depot
Doors into the depot
Plaque for Cheryl J. Todd
Memorial display
Inside the waiting area with ping-pong tables for waiting passengers
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Pascack Valley Line<Westwood
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