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Rutherford is the first stop on the Bergen County Line after it splits away from the Main Line and then the Pascack Valley line while going through the Meadowlands. The station consists of a historic station house that was built in 1897 and had both it’s exterior and interior restored between 2008 and 2010. Inside is a still open waiting area with wooden benches with arms and restrooms. The station building is across from a traffic circle known as Station Square where Eire Avenue, Park Avenue and Orient Way all meet with each other. The brick station house with a green roof has two entrances, the one from the platform has Rutherford etched in the concrete above the double doors, the entrance on the street says Erie Railroad. The depot is along the middle of the Hoboken-bound platform whose long porches that are attached to the main building and provide cover for the station’s TVMs and other passengers waiting outside.

The stop has two primary low-level side platforms that can accommodate 4 cars. These begin at the grade-crossing of Park Avenue and run south, at their souther ends are mini-high level platforms for basic ADA accessibility. These platforms also have tactile warning strips. The Suffern/Port Jervis-bound platform also includes an overflow platform on the north side of Park Avenue to accommodate about four more cars on northbound trains. This platform extension wasn’t given a tactile warning strip during renovations, but still has signs. It is along 9/11 Memorial Park. Both platforms also have a small black shelter covering a bench just before the mini-high platform. This shelter provides the only cover on the Suffern-bound platform who’s only entrances to each platform-half is from the grade-crossing.
Photos 1-44: December 8, 2011

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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Bergen County Line<Rutherford
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