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Oradell is a Pascack Valley Line Station with a victorian-era (I assume, can't find the opening year) depot listed on the national register of historic places It is one of the only on the Pascack Valley Line to be mainly used by private businesses, with Eco Galleria, a boutique selling handcrafts, and Crazy Johns Java serving coffee for morning commuters with a window into the small "Commuter Lobby" as a wooden sign says, open from 5am to 11pm in a tiny portion of the historic station. Inside is a tiny room with just a simple wooden bench. A plaque commemorates the depot restoration in 2003. The depot has a tall gambled roof with large porches on green walls with many examples of stained glass. There is even a small covered driveway which serves it (clearance 8'4") left over presumably from the time of carriages. The depot is slightly above with a wide staircase from the porch down to the stations single low-level platform for the single tracked line, although a small attached annex (I presume once was used for freight) is directly at the level of the low-level platform. This is located right at the northern end of the depot where Oradell Avenue crosses the train tracks and platform extends along a grassy knoll quite aways south. The edge of the platform is marked by just by a wide strip of yellow paint. There are two simple shelters with triangular white roofs along the platform. The one closest to the depot covers up two TVMs, the one farther away a bench, the only bench except for a few beneath the porches of the platform for passengers to sit and wait on. There are a few parking lots around the station but it is all for residents only.
All photos were taken on 30 January, 2012

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Looking down a grassy knoll to the station platform
Signs and the platform are barely visible below
A platform sign in the historic font
A direction of travel sign
The TVM in its own little shelter
Stairs up to the porch of the historic depot
It is home to the Eco Galleria
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Pascack Valley Line<Oradell
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