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Elberon is the first stop on the diesel portion of the North Jersey Coast Line receiving less service than the northern half of the line, with nearly all service requiring passengers to transfer at Long Branch to a diesel shuttle train to and from this station (just a 4 minute ride). This stop is now a modern high platform station, after a historic station house built in 1899 burned down in 1990. The two side platforms begin a bit south of a pedestrian only grade-crossing with a ramp up to each platform. This grade-crossing is where the previous low-level platforms were located. These low-level platforms are still visible extending north, and have a brick surface, plus a still visible yellow line although they are now fenced off. The platforms extend south first with a small shelter area that provides the only shelter on the southbound platform. Next at ground-level, staircases (2 on each side) lead down to a pedestrian tunnel connecting the platforms (the pedestrian grade-crossing still exists for ADA compliancy). This is followed on the southbound platform that simply extend south a car-length (it can accommodate maybe five cars) longer than the northbound platform, with two more staircases off it down to Traux Road.

Along the southern end of the northbound platform is the station's modern station house replacing the depot that burned down. This building is made of modern bricks painted grey with a red slightly gabled roof. The depot is clearly new since it's located at the same level as the modern high-level platform. Canopies extend in each direction from the building along the platform (but not providing covered boarding to train cars). The north canopy covers a second ramp up to the high-level platform. Inside the depot is a modern waiting area with wooden benches, and restrooms. Streetside the doors are beneath an arch to a staircase down to the parking lot (although these doors have large exit only signs on them). The main station parking lot is located in front of the depot and extends south to Lincoln Avenue that crosses under the tracks in an underpass.
All Photos taken on 9 June, 2013 on a trip by bicycle

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A sign in the bushes for Elberon
The ADA pedestrian crossing by the original low-level platforms
The sign at the end of the canopied ramp
Streetside of the little depot
Although this looks like a nice entrance, the doors are locked
Sign outside the depot
The second ramp to the northbound platform within the depot
Looking into the closed station
A wooden Bench in the depot
A single TVM outside the depot
Shelter on outbound platform
The ramp down from the northbound platform to the ADA grade-crossing
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