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Allenhurst is a local stop along the North Jersey Coast Line in the diesel shuttle section of the route. The station consists of two low-level side platforms that run between the grade-crossings of Corlies Avenue and Spier Avenue. The southbound platform is simple but slightly bizarre. Four short walkways (the ends of the platforms are at the grade-crossings) lead down to the small 44 space free parking lot. Passenger amenities are two double-wide (with two white domes) bus shelters located at each end of the platform along the parking lot side, not directly along the platform itself.

The New York-bound platform is more complicated. There is a large two-story modern brick office building along this platform. Extending from the building platform-side (with black walls) is a small depressing waiting area. It looks like the waiting area roof gives the second floor a deck overlooking the platform. There is a bench inside this area that looks out of place, as if it should be outside. The rest of the platform is simple with just a single bus shelter towards Corlies Avenue and another at the southern end of the platform sheltering the station's TVM. Parking lots along the platform are for office workers, not the public. On the opposite side of the buildings and parking lots is a grassy plaza (with an ugly when not on fountain) leading back to Main Street.
All Photos taken on 9 June, 2013 on a trip by bicycle

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Arrow V #6038 leaves the station
Arrow V #6038
GP40PH-2 #4150 pushes a train south
GP40PH-2 #4150 fades into the distance
The small station is a block north of here
The parking lot and fenced off ramps to the Bay Head-bound platform
View from the Corlies Avenue grade-crossing
The building along the New York-bound platform
Outside the small waiting area within this building
Looking into the shabby (and locked on a weekend) waiting area
The locked door into the tiny enclosed waiting area
The one TVM in a shelter
Parking lots just for 201 Main
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