New Bridge Landing
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North Hackensack

New Bridge Landing at River Edge (as the signs say) was called North Hackensack until April 2009. The stop is just a single low-level platform with the depot demolished in 1978, although it first opening in 1870. This low-level platform on the west side of the single track begins with the grade crossing of Grand Avenue at its northern end and the busy strip-mall highway of Route 4 crosses over the tracks a bit south of the station. The simple platform has minimal amenities with a single black bus shelter in the middle of the platform that covers a single TVM. Towards the southern end of the platform is a single more modern silver shelter with small little windows that covers a bench for waiting. There are a few more exposed benches along the platform which is along the edge of a crowded 148 space parking lot. The parking lot forms a triangle with Kinderkamack Road which curves to follow the train track beneath the same overpass of Route 4. There is a second 143 space parking lot on the otherside of the track from the station. Just south of the station (the sign is just north of the Route 4 Overpass) is the border of River Edge and Hackensack
All photos were taken on 30 January, 2012

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Approaching the station, one of the few trains that originates in the station is stopped there
F40PH #4120 will soon push a Hoboken-bound trip south
Looking up at F40PH #4120
The grade crossing at the northern end of the platform
Parked cars and a train on a layover
A side view of F40PH #4120
A sign for the station
Comet Vs stopped in the station, only one door is open for those heading south after rush hour
Some cars (not in use) extend beyond the platform
Comet V #6024 is leading a train south in push mode
Comet V #6024 keeps heading south
A train in push mode keeps heading south
F40PH #4120 pushes a train, just starting a run south beneath Route 4
F40PH #4120 and a train keeps heading south
F40PH #4120 keeps being push south
At the southern end of the parking lot
The fenced off southern end of the platform
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