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Anderson Street (Hackensack) is the northern station presently open (there were once four stations all with street names) in this New Jersey city. The station had a cream colored wall station house with a peaked overhanging brown roof. It was an historic Erie Railroad Station House, and a sign on it informs passengers it was built in 1869 and was added to the state and national lists of historic places in 1984, refurbished in 1998. Unfortunately the stations days for service to the railroad is over, instead the station house has become the Green Caboose Thrift Shop (from my visit in 2006). Then it had a catastrophic fire and was destroyed the morning of January 10, 2009 [1]. The depot had been the second oldest in the state.

Today it has been replaced by more parking and two white domed bus shelters, one covering a silver bench and one two TVMs. These TVM after the fire were not installed until November 2011, and the stop was the last station on NJ Transit to not have TVMs. On November 28, 2011, NJT began requiring a $5 fee for tickets purchased on board system wide. The only evidence of the historic depot is the fact station signs are still in the historic all capitalized font. These are along the north side of Anderson Street's grade crossing where the side of the depot once was. This is at the southern end of the simple 4 car low-level platform on the west side of the single track. The edge of the platform now has just a simple silver highway style guardrail and this includes the alley with a line of angled parking (50 spaces) on the other side of the track opposite platform, this line of angled parking extends up to the next grade crossing at Clinton Place. The platform ends half way to this and there is another slightly awkward entrance by going around a private parking space and through a small alley to Linden Street. This is across from where Maple Avenue dead ends on the eastern side of the track across from the platform.

March 3, 2013 Visit: The station is down to one TVM, the other has been removed leaving a wooden pedestal

Construction on a new waiting room and shelter: Starting March 16, 2013 and continuing through September 2013 the station will undergo the construction of a new shelter. The station is getting a bit of a station house back and passengers will have more than just the two shelters to wait for trains inside!
Photos 1-5 taken on 8 August, 2006, 6-32 on 5 October, 2012, 33-41 on 3 March, 2013, 42-64 on 5 June, 2013

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Looking across Anderson Street to the historic Anderson Street station house
Looking down the single platform at Anderson Street by the side of the station house
Looking farther down the platform at Anderson Street, the small station parking lot is across the tracks
An historic font platform sign
The back of the historic station house viewed from the platform.
In the six years since I last visited this stop the station house has burned down, it is now a parking lot
These two shelters also replaced it
The two shelters, one with a bench and one with two TVMs
The shelter with its bench and parking lot behind it
Hoboken-bound Comet V #6001 comes to a stop for waiting passengers
Comet V #6001 headed to Hoboken keeps coming to a stop
A Hoboken-bound train has finished its station work and starts to leave
It's a new Dual-Mode Locomotive pushing this train south only needing diesel (they haven't been approved into Penn Station)
The long locomotive crosses the grade crossing to leave the station
Dual-Mode ALP-45DP #4515 keeps pushing a train south
A train keeps heading south
The pedestrian grade crossing at the end of the platform where the grade crossing should be
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Pascack Valley Line<Anderson Street
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Last Updated: 17 October, 2012
[1] Michael Gartland "Update: Fire Destroys Historic Train Station", The Bergen Record January 10, 2009, Link
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