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Short Hills is a station stop on the Morris & Essex Lines and is a station stop on most trains giving it service from 2 trains per hour or better on weekdays plus every hourly weekend train stopping at the station. The station has two low-level side platforms for the line with only two tracks here. The platforms are grade separated but located at street level. At their eastern ends Short Hills Avenue crosses beneath the station in an underpass.

Along each platform is a similar brick with a slightly green overhanging roof depot. The one along the Newark-bound platform (at least) was built in 1907. It has a central area with two porches at each end held up by brick columns that look similar to those holding up the depot roof. This platform's depot has an extremely unique arrangement of train station by day with a ticket office open from 4:45am to 12:45pm and the Boxcar Bar and Grill Restaurant by night (5pm onwards) which opened in 2012 ( NY Times Review). The restaurant is also open from 5 to 10am as a morning commuter coffee bar (at the same time as the ticket office). The waiting room, open to passengers when the small ticket office is open has the usual black wooden benches but these are along cafe tables used by restaurant patrons at night, with wooden chairs opposite them. On the top of the waiting room benches are lanterns with candles in them. There is also a locked cupboard containing dishes and a grate that closes off the adjacent bar (housed in the station's former baggage area). The kitchen (I believe) is housed on the otherside of the waiting room. The building has two small outdoor porches held up by wooden columns and the building's roof that extends over them. The western one is fenced off, has tables in it and is used by the restaurant for trainside seating. The eastern porch is still in railroad use and houses the staircase down to the underpass to the Summit-bound platform plus the station's TVMs.

This pedestrian underpass leads to the Summit-bound platform. This nearly identical brick depot lacks the porches of the Newark-bound one with just a slightly overhanging roof. The underpass has three different staircases, one up to the platform and splits into two on the otherside of the depot up to Station Plaza. The depot now houses Millburn-Short Hills Historical Society. The platforms lack any other shelter except from the eves of the depot although there are a few benches along them plus the historic font signs. All parking (permit only during the week) is along the Newark-bound side of the tracks with 22 spaces in the area on each side of the depot between the platform and Catham Road with 190 spaces across the street and 74 spaces in a lot between Baltusrol Way and Short Hills Avenue.
Photos 1-33 taken on 19 February, 2013, 34-64: 21 November, 2013

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Approaching the building on the Summit-bound platform, it now houses the Short Hills Historical Society
Across from the Short Hills Historical Society and staircase down to the underpass
Across from the historic station house shared by a restaurant and ticket office
Looking across to the main station house that houses the ticket office
Platform and other signage
More signage
ALP-45DP #4620 pulls a train into the station
Metro-North Comet V #6772 stops in the station
Passengers get off of Metro-North Comet V #6760
Metro-North stops at Short Hills?
Morristown and Erie #19 takes a few hopper cars through the station
Morristown and Erie #19 in the station
Morristown and Erie #19 keeps pulling Hopper Cars through the station
The last tank car passes through
Inside the restaurant/ticket office the TVs are on
The benches and dining tables in the restaurant/waiting room
Another view of the Restaurant/Ticket office
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Morristown Line (MidTOWN DIRECT)<Short Hills
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