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Orange is a grade separated station on the Morris & Essex Lines that is a stop on most trains receiving service on weekdays of about two trains per hour, one Gladstone Branch train to Hoboken and a MidTOWN DIRECT train into New York-Penn Station. All hourly weekend trains stop in the station. The stop has two side platforms for the three track line. A few concrete and wooded boards lead across to the middle track from the Gladstone/Hackettstown bound platform. The current station and shelter were built between 1918 to 1920 and designed in house by the Lackawanna architect Frank J. Niles in the Renaissance Revival style. The two historic station houses are between the underpasses of Essex Street and Lincoln Avenue, each has an exposed concrete staircase up to each platform. The access roads to the stations ramp up from these streets and access is provided at the same level as the platforms.

Along the middle of the platforms are canopies with wooden framed gable roofs held up by concrete columns. In the middle of these canopies is a boarded up brick building that was once the shelter on the Gladstone/Hackettstown-bound platform and a still open brick station house that extends into the parking lot beyond on the Newark-bound platform. An underpass connects the two sides of the platforms from beneath the porch on the Gladstone/Hackettstown-bound platform the within an alcove of the depot closest to its parking lot. This depot is only open when the ticket agent is on duty from 6am to 9:30am Monday to Friday. Inside are brick walls, a wooden ticket office with two windows, a clock above them and wooden benches. An old door says Freight Agent with a relatively modern NJT Authorized Personal Only sign. On the platform are two TVMs for ticket purchasing needs with the depot is closed. A 95 space parking lot surrounds the station and is along this platform with entrances from both Lincoln Avenue and South Essex Avenue. The Gladstone/Hackettstown-bound platform is along Tony Galento Plaza, There are 35 parking spaces between the plaza and the platform. A nice old fashioned brick crosswalk leads across to an additional 60 parking spaces in their own lot beyond the station.

The western end of the Newark-bound platform ends at a fence and clearly once extended farther east. It leads to buildings along the railroad that look similar to those found at the station. One is directly along the railroad platform, compete with a canopy and is a former freight house used for milk shipments to the Borden factory in Orange. There is another brick building beneath the railroad embankment. Currently these buildings make up the Orange signaling complex.
Photos 1-53 taken on 24 January, 2012, 54-65: 4 November, 2013

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Approaching the station from the east
Sign on the grassy embankment up to the station
Which platform?
The tracks heading east
Fenced of wooden boards in case a train needs to stop on the middle track
The staircase down to the pedestrian tunnel and boarded up shelter on the Summit-bound platform
Ads along the brick walls of the boarded up shelter
The boarded up shelter is closer in size to a secondary station house
This building leads into the main parking lots
Tony Galento Plaza along the outbound platform
Looking across to the slightly larger and still open during AM Peak hours only station house
The former freight house and platform at Orange Signalling complex at the closed western end of the passenger platform
Staircase to the pedestrian tunnel
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Morristown Line (MidTOWN DIRECT)<Orange
Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Gladstone Branch<Orange
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