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Mountain Station (not to be confused with Mountain Avenue on the Montclair Line) is a local stop on the Morris & Essex Main Line that serves the residential community of Mountain in South Orange, New Jersey. It receives limited service mainly from hourly or better Hoboken-bound trains on weekdays, just a few MidTOWN DIRECT trains actually stop at the station. On weekends the ultimate way to show how low ridership the station is is that service is bi-hourly from the only hourly trains on the Morristown Line, the station is served bi-hourly with trains alternating stopping at Mountain Station or Highland Avenue the next similar local stop about a mile away, South Orange is a similar mile away distance. The station has three tracks with two low-level side platforms meaning trains are normally on outside tracks to stop. There are two concrete level-crossings from the Gladstone-bound platform that lead across all the tracks with a gates along the fence that separates Track 2 for Newark-bound trains from the middle track 1. The current stations are in the Renaissance Revival style and was built in 1915 designed in-house by the Lackawanna Railroad, it is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The station is grade separated and surrounded by trees but is basically at street level and the. At the northern end of the platforms is the concrete overpass of Montrose Avenue. A covered with a Spanish tiled roof staircase leads down to each platform with a covered route to their respective buildings from the south sidewalk of the overpass, providing the only legal connection between the platforms. It leads down to a covered boarded up (with green panels covered in ads) brick shelter on the Gladstone-bound platform. This is along a small circular 39 space parking lot that leads back to Meeker Street. The Newark-bound platform is similar with a slightly larger and still open (I don't know what its hours are, they aren't posted) brick station house on the edge of a 51 space circular parking lot with an entrance from Vose Avenue. Looking through the windows into the station house it is clearly open during the AM rush hour although the ticket office is closed (tickets is still etched in the window) inside are restrooms and wooden benches. There are nice cream tiled walls. On the north side of the building are two TVMs. The station building and all canopies are slightly elevated above the actual Newark-bound platform, two wide staircases of 11 steps and a ramp from the canopied area lead down to it. There are no other shelters on the platforms for waiting passengers except a few benches. At the southern end of the platforms are additional exits these were damaged during Superstorm Sandy by fallen trees and seem like they are closed. In 1978 there was a connecting pedestrian bridge but this is long closed. From the Newark-bound platform a short concrete ramp leads to the dead end at the tracks of Sewart Place. The Gladstone-bound platform has a similar sidewalk to the dead end of Mountain House Road.
All Photos taken on 24 January, 2012

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Approaching the station, the staircase up to the overpass Montrose Avenue
Brick columns of the overpass up to Montrose Avenue
Looking down to the platforms from the bridge that connects them
Platform down to the station
Looking across to the staircase down to the Gladstone/Hackettstown-bound platform
Going down the stairs to the Gladstone/Hackettstown-bound platform
The pantograph wires of the concrete arch overpass of Montrose Avenue
Ads along the concrete arch with plenty of ads
Looking across to the station house above the Newark-bound platform
Looking down towards the bare southern end of the platform
Looking across to the ramp down from the station house to the Newark-bound platform
A fence along the edge of the Gladstone/Hackettstown-bound platform
Looking across to the stairs up to the depot above the Newark-bound platform
The Boarded up shelter along the parking lot along the Hackettstown-bound platform
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Morristown Line (MidTOWN DIRECT)<Mountain Station
Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Gladstone Branch<Mountain Station
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