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Maplewood is the 3rd busiest station on the Morris and Essex Lines (behind South Orange and Summit) and is westernmost stop (not including the extra track at Summit) with three tracks on the grade separated ex-Lackawana Main Line. Nearly every train on the line stops at the station giving it weekday service of two trains per hour or better. The township of Maplewood (open only to residents) operates a jitney service for commuters to and from the station during rush hours. The station has two low-level platforms for the three tracks. The middle (track 1) and north (track 3) tracks are served by an island platform with a fence between the middle and south tracks. The southern track (tack 2, normally used by Newark-bound trains) is a side platform and has the station's historic 1902 Tudor Style Train Station that was last renovated in 1997-1998. The side platform is a bit shorter than the island platform.

This station house is a single story, mainly brick building (on the outside is what looks like a second story but this is a double-height ceiling and but has wooden walls painted red), it has wrapped around porches held-up by red beams that provide the only shelter to waiting passengers when the station house is closed. There are a few benches along the platform (that extends narrow fences at each end of it), On the north side of these porches are the station's two TVMs and the entrance to the central underpass to the island platform. Inside the station is a ticket window (open weekdays for 1 shift from 6:00am to 2:00pm) a coffee bar and something called the Maplewood Concierge Company. This company is a for-profit corporation that began in 1998 (when the station was last renovated) as a coalition of local businesses to provide services to commuters at slight fees such as laundry and dry cleaning pick-up and drop-off, township permits, and other services using local merchants. There is also a coffee bar. Seating in the station is along normal wooden benches along the walls plus some middle cafe style tables. The station is always open with the ticket agent is on duty but usually stays open through the evening rush hour for Concierge Business. The station house has 56 $3/daily parking spaces immediately outside of it and is along Dunnell Road. More parking is many on surrounding streets throughout the community.

This island platform has a canopy in it's middle. The canopy seems turn of the century original with red beams holding up a red, angled downward roof. The southern end of the canopy houses a former concrete waiting room shed that is now boarded up with ads murals at each end (where I assume the doors inside originally were). The middle of the canopy has two staircases with windows that lead down to a concrete underpass. The walls of the underpass are extremely colorful (and at first glance I thought were covered in graffiti), it turns out these are community murals and add color to the dark underpass. The underpass has the two staircases up to the island platform, one up to the side platform and also leads to the northside of the tracks. The northern end of the underpass leads up to two staircases up to a shelter held up by red and concrete beams that covers the staircases and bike racks with enclosed bike boxes. There is a small car loop off of Maplewood Avenue. At the southern end of the island platform (beyond the end of the side platform) is a small surrounded by concrete staircase that leads down to to an underpass. The tracks have risen up to an embankment by here and the underpass leads out with a walkway along buildings at the northern end and a staircase up to Dunnell Road at its southern end. Also needing mentioning just south of the station are the bridges for the train's overpass of Baker Street. This overpass has Maplewood written along it in gold letters plus the NJ Transit logo.
All Photos taken on 19 February, 2013

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Getting off Comet III #5350 stopped at Maplewood
The Comets and Locomotive of a Midtown Direct Train stopped at Maplewood
Comet VI Cab Car #6072 is the last car a Midtown Direct train leaving
Comet VI Cab Car #6072
ALP46 #4661 leads a train into the station
The entrance to the pedestrian tunnel at the western end of the island platform
Starting down to the pedestrian tunnel
Inside the pedestrian tunnel
Daylight is visible at one end of the pedestrian tunnel
The concrete entrance to the pedestrian tunnel
A wooden mural at one end of the island platform's boarded up shelter
Looking across to the historic station house
The shelter with wide red columns on the island platform
The back of the third shelter that exits to the street
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Morristown Line (MidTOWN DIRECT)<Maplewood
Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Gladstone Branch<Maplewood
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