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Watchung Avenue is a train station in Montclair with a historic 1903-1904 station house that was built in the Queen Anne style and is on the state and national registers of historic places. The station is along an embankment elevated above local streets because of the railway overpass above Watchung Avenue just north of the platforms. The station has two tracks and two low-level side platforms with wide yellow painted lines along their edges with a fence between them. The Watchung Avenue underpass provides the only connection between the two platforms.

The Newark-bound platform is parallel to Park Place and includes a small entrance loop for passenger drop-off. There are four concrete staircases up to the platform one at each end and two in the middle. One middle staircase is directly north of the Queen Anne single story station house, and the other arrives beneath the porch that is part of the station house canopy. This station house has a visible stone foundation because it juts out from the embankment. The station itself is a small wooden singled building with green walls and a brown trim. Inside, accessed only from the platform is a waiting room that is open and closed by the Town of Montclair. The waiting room has white walls and a single wooden bench beneath a single unhistoric looking light fixure hanging from a ceiling full of decorative molding. The former ticket office is unsealed and the door to it open. Inside is a red cabinet full of drawers. There are still perfectly decent small restrooms.

The Hackettstown-bound platform has no amenities or shelters for waiting passengers. There is one 95 space parking lot towards its southern end with a single wooden staircase up from it. There are two more staircases for access from Watchung Plaza.
All Photos taken on 6 July, 2011

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The single wooden staircase up to the southern end of the Hackettstown-bound platform
Looking across the fence to the station house
Looking into the station house
A decaying staircase down to Watchung Avenue
The eves and waiting room inside the station house at Watchung Avenue is the only amenity for waiting passengers
Staircase at the northern end of the Hackettstown-bound platform and the closest one to the underpass to the opposite platform
You go down the sidewalk under this steel bridge
Staircase up to the Hoboken (and New York now) bound platform
The station house is built on a stone foundation
Sign for the street on the historic station house
Grass outside the platforms
A covered porch for waiting
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